70's & 80's


                                       Kawasaki Z1

  Yamaha RD400

  Suzuki GT750 ( Kettle )

  Yamaha RD500 LC

1985 GSX-R 750F - The birth of a legend
 Suzuki's first GSX-R 750 made it's debut at the 1984 Cologne Motor Show, it made a splash then and continues to do so now. 

The lineage is long and proud.  The first GSX-R hit the market in March 1985 and the sportsbike world was never to be the same again. 

Light weight (only 179 kilograms dry and about 40 kilos less than any of the opposition) and good power from it's flatslide equipped engine was a revolution for production motorcycles. An attractive full fairing design with endurance style twin headlights completed the picture and the early GSX-R remains an attractive machine even today. If your after a GSX-R750/1100 then the early slabsides are still the best looking and most desirable to have.... Prices are starting to creep up now as the slabsides are now being sort after.. The very first model GSX-R750 F (1985 B-Plate) is the most desirable simply because it started the revolution...



Kawasaki H2C


    Honda CB750K

Honda GL1000 Goldwing.

Honda CB400/4

 KH250                                                                        Kawasaki H2 750                                                                                                                     

            Of only 113 ever imported into the U.K. there are only 70 known  U.K. examples remaining. 

Kawasaki were more than impressed with the success of the 500 triple so it was only natural to follow it up with a big brother, the H2-750 MACH IV.
In an age when bigger was better, the H2 was the ultimate stroker. 74 bhp was on tap giving a top speed of 126 mph and acceleration second to none. The H2 would pull wheelies in the first three gears without even trying, much to the amazement and downfall of many owners. The H2 put the 'bad' back into motorcycling.
In the
UK, more than one insurance company refused to insure them giving the H2 a reputation that would last forever.

                              Awesome H2

  KH250 B5 (The last one)   www.kh250.com

  Kawasakis at Donnington...